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Inspiring Change

Benbenet is a worldwide ultralow cost communications and financial transaction system, that will activate (and educate) 3 billion underprivileged people in this world. That number is expected to grow to 5.4 billion by 2037. We believe that if they don’t develop, and don’t create a dignified existence, we will have a very unstable and inhumane world situation within 17 years (or less). 

Benbenet aims to become the most substantial basis of a sustainable world society of 9 billion people in 2037. Ubiquitous and free (communication) for users.

The Benbenet concept is based on proven and innovative technologies:

  1. low-orbital small satellites, covering earth’s complete surface (with existing MEO)

  2. Existing 2/3G (or better) telecom ground stations

  3. (Very) Low cost communication (text only) device for users

Benbenet is designed to serve the people at the base of the Pyramid. Independently and fully in their interest. We are offering a freely available network with basic services:  texting and financial transactions. Simple, robust and very affordable.

Benbenet is focused on creating public value: mitigation of illiteracy, power of information and the ability to pay. Benbenet aims to become a self-sustaining ecosystem for the bottom of the pyramid. That is why Benbenet is unique. Benbenet is the old Egyptian term for the capstone on top of the pyramid. 


Though the aim is free communication, there are clear benefits for stakeholders:

  1. Sustainable development & meaningful contribution to humanity

  2. Fast growing (proprietary) customer database

  3. Creating user beneficiary applications (free/sponsored/cost price)



We are looking to build a consortium of (technology) companies, financial institutions, government and aid organizations to support the building blocks of an independent benbenet foundation. Join the conversation!


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